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Custom Built Epe Decking, Seating & Furniture

At SPC, we specialize in working with Brazilian Ipe, which is the strongest and most weatherproof wood in the world.  We will work with you to design your one of a kind custom outdoor space. We work with FSC certified sustainable green forestry. Here are some of the benefits of using Ipe:

  • It is Naturally Resistant to Rot

    • ​Ipe grows in the rainforest. Because of this, the trees contain unique

  • It’s Resistant to Most Insects

    • ​Much like the resistance to rot, the resistance to insects can be attributed to its natural oils and density.

  • It Exhibits Amazing Heat Dispersion

    • ​Unlike composite or plastic decks, which retain heat, Ipe wood disperses heat to keep your deck nice and cool. 

  • It’s Sturdy and Still Stylish

    • When you’re deciding on wood for a project, you are usually faced with the question of function or fashion. Ipe is both durable and beautiful. It is truly the best of both worlds. 

  • It is Resistant to Fire 

    • You want to pick a material that will decrease the risk of fire. Ipe is a naturally fire resistant wood. It’s a superb choice for building a deck, especially in a wildfire sensitive area.

  • Sustainably Sourced Options are Available

    • ​We source our Ipe from a sustainable source. In addition to protecting the rainforest, when you work with us, you are also supporting local communities that work in the timber industry.

  • It Doesn’t Require Harsh Chemicals

    • Ipe wood for decking is naturally rotting and insect resistant.This natural resistance means that you don’t need to pressure-treat the wood with harsh chemicals and preservatives.

  • It is Low-Maintenance

    • Ipe is a very dense hardwood. It requires minimal care. It doesn’t expand and contract as much as other materials during changes in temperature or moisture. This means that it will survive years of daily use without cracking or splintering. 

Custom Outdoor Kitchens

Let us create a beautiful, practical and functional outdoor kitchen space for you to enjoy year round. We work with only the highest quality materials and appliances. We will first review the site conditions and existing plans to determine space constraints, utility needs, architectural style and overarching design theme. We then recommend the necessary functional zones based on client needs and habits. 

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